Zombie Apocalypse: Part 1 (Requested)


It’s 2014, and the zombie apocalypse has started. It’s in its third week, and the zombies are still killing and turning anyone and anything they meet into one of them. You remember when the police and law officials announced that someone had been turned. You remember your mom (mum) yelling at you “Y/N, shut the windows, lock the doors, close everything and find your little brother!” You and your mom and your little brother, James, are still cooped up in your house, with only the food and water and radio to comfort you. You, James, and your mom are sitting in the living room, playing “Go Fish” when all of you hear the sound of glass shattering, accompanied by the rancid smell of rotting flesh. Immediately, you look at your mother, who has dropped her cards and is turning pale. Somehow, you know the words she is going to speak before the come to her lips. “Y/N,” your mom says, looking at you, “Take James and run to the nearest shelter. I’m counting on you, love. Take care of your brother and of yourself.. I’ll find you both as soon as I can. I love you.” As soon as she finishes speaking, tears fill your eyes. Your mom gives you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, then turns to James and tells him all of the things she told you, leaving a few things out. Soon, she pushes James towards you, and you take his small hand in yours, salute your mom, and begin to run, just as the first group of zombies round the corner, your mom ready to fight them.

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